Weekend Overview:


3 x nights away in a luxury converted Barn located in Barsham Norfolk, less than 2 hours drive away from Great Dunmow.


Activities include outdoor tailored workouts with the Farm Fitness pop up experience, training and nutrition talks, yoga and meditation with Marcella every morning and evening to help you relax; providing you with the perfect balance.


All meals throughout your stay will be provided by London’s renowned Chef Antimo, cooking healthy Italian dishes.


There will be the option of using the onsite spa facilities including the Jacuzzi and Sauna to really help you detox both mentally and physically, along with opportunities to enjoy the countryside and the coast with long walks.



Farm Fitness is a unique, outdoor, functional training facility set in the heart of rural Essex.

Providing a precision engineered blend of measurable, results orientated workouts, with protocols that are designed to make you a stronger and more able human outside of the gym. 

The alchemic mix of bodyweight movements, functional carries, traditional weight training and cardio conditioning is scalable to all levels with multiple regressions and clear lines of progressions, within our sessions it's not unusual to see grandmothers going head to head with pre season rugby players!

Over the course of the weekend, you'll enjoy workouts tailored to your own personal limits and abilities, all whilst exploring the how's and why's behind our successful programming and how you can integrate this type of exercise into your own life. You'll be pushed beyond your comfort zone but with the safety net of knowing our experienced coaches are right behind you, but more importantly you'll go away with actionable information to help you continue your own fitness journey.




Building your ultimate 'anti-diet'.

'Diet' is a dirty word, it conjures up images of weigh-ins, restriction, avoiding your favourite foods and generally feeling hungry and miserable!  Most traditional diets that you can think of are geared towards fat loss and all rely on the restriction or elimination of certain foods or food groups to elicit the mechanisms of weight loss. Once you understand these mechanisms, you'll never be a slave to your diet again.

What we're going to look at over the course of the retreat, is the science behind the foods that eat, the art behind making food work for you and the magic behind feeding not just your body, but your soul!

In a fun, open floor setting, we're going to talk you through the basics of the same curriculum that some companies use to certify diet coaches, giving you all of the tools you need to go away and make informed dietary choices that are unique to you. You'll be equipped to build your own eating plan, around the foods that fuel your body, the foods that keep us healthy and the foods you LOVE, your very own 'anti-diet'.




Price includes everything listed above as well as all food and drink throughout your stay! All activities will be optional and alternatives will be provided. The perfect package weekend away.

This will be a first come first serve basis and there will be limited spaces available.

To confirm and secure your place, please arrange for a £150 deposit to be made payable to the following account:


Account number :84311789

Sort Code: 60-10-05

Account Name: Miss Marcella Pedata

Optional Payment Plan:
Shared Occupancy:

£150 initial deposit
30th August £125
25th September £124


Single Occupancy:

£150 Initial Deposit
30th August £175
25th September £174

Please feel free to contact us with any questions and to book your space, please click the link below.

Important: All classes and sessions MUST be pre-booked.

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