We have five bootcamp sessions to choose from at Farm Fitness and purchasing this offer will save you £10 on our bootcamp sessions. If you purchase 4 of our bootcamp sessions you will receive 1 bootcamp session of your choice free.


Our bootcamp sessions can be mixed and matched to suit your training needs. All bootcamp sessions are for 1 hour per session.


Once you've purchased your bootcamp sessions you'll need to book in your dates with Tom Kemp by emailing mail@farmfitness.co.uk. These sessions can be used within 2 months from the purchase date so please make sure you book in your sessions upon purchase to avoid dissapointment.


BOOM BOOTCAMP: Working in a friendly, competitive environment in our BOOM sessions you’ll work through multiple ‘blocks’ of modified strongman, functional bodyweight movements and measurable metabolic cardio bouts to log your high score on the white board.


Be ready to boost your fitness levels, increase your movement abilities and torch some serious calories. Session date/time: Our BOOM bootcamp sessions run every Monday at 7pm.


BLITZ BOOTCAMP: Our new BLITZ class is no ordinary bootcamp. Using a unique, research based and results driven mixture of muscle building and metabolic rate boosting strength exercises and calorie torching conditioning bouts. You’ll work in small teams to carry each other through some of the most effective, rewarding total body workouts of your life. Session date/time: Our BLITZ bootcamp sessions run every Tuesday at 9.30am.


BUILD BOOTCAMP: Our BUILD sessions combine compound lifts, modified strongman and non-traditional movements with field tested rep schemes and rest periods. This class is scalable and accessible for all levels of fitness however a reasonable level of strength is recommended. Session date/time: Our BUILD bootcamp sessions run every Wednesday at 6.30pm.


BLAST BOOTCAMP: Turn your body into a calorie burning furnace, build mental toughness and torch body fat with our metabolically demanding workouts. You’ll have a blast of fun in the process. Session date/time: Our BLAST bootcamp sessions run every Thursday at 9.30am.


BURN BOOTCAMP: Working in small teams to battle through multiple blocks incorporating; dynamic strength, static holds, and measurable explosive cardio efforts to boost fitness levels, torch calories and build functional strength across the board. Session date/time: Our BURN bootcamp sessions run every Saturday at 9.30am.

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    Important: All classes and sessions MUST be pre-booked.

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