I started training with Clare during sixth form and was able to make some great improvements to my fitness and health. When I started university, I wanted to keep it up, but the excitement of first year took over and I didn’t make the effort to stay fit and eat healthy balanced meals. However, when I arrived back from university for the summer, I was determined to get my fitness and confidence back through training with Clare and Farm Fitness. 


I recently moved to Dunmow and started attending the classes at farm fitness. I have always loved keeping fit and living a healthy lifestyle but always struggled in consistency and getting the results I wanted.

So I got in touch with Tom about a tailored plan. We started with a 12 week plan to build muscle with 5 meals a day. I was shocked of how much food your body needs to consume to maintain muscle mass, but once I got in the swing of it I found it easy. 


I have never felt as fit and energised... I now feel even more motivated to improve my fitness levels and see how far I can go in the next 12 weeks!


I’d been attending classes at Farm Fitness for the past two years but I wanted to take my strength and fitness training outside of these classes to the next, I thought it would be good to have a 12 week plan to help me monitor my progress. 

Not only did Tom tailor a training plan for me but also a nutritional guide to help me along the way.


The decision to train at Farm Fitness with Tom in preparation for my holiday was hands down one of the best decisions I've made. The programme tailored for me was easy to follow and suited my level of fitness whilst pushing me as much as possible. Tom was full of useful advice and knowledge that was passed down every step of the way.


Training at Farm Fitness is a brilliant and unique place. Full of like minded and friendly people. I have genuinely never felt better physically and mentally. I would recommend it to anyone!

sams's STORY

The unique approach Tom took to my training was brilliant.


At every hurdle and challenge I got to, he was able to give brilliant advice and tips that made the process so much easier whilst being realistic the whole way through.


He’s provided me with knowledge on training and nutrition that I will be implemented throughout my life. Thanks a lot Tom.


I'm a mum of two who works as PT. I have a busy live with work, children and running a home. I always make time for myself to train as this is how I choose to unwind around my busy life.


I met Tom through two mutual friends and went to the Farm for my first session a year ago. I knew I loved it straight away as I grew up on farms with my horses. So farmer carries, Wheelbarrow pushes right back to my childhood. When I first started there I was fit doing marathons, tough mudders and several 100 mile bike rides. [...]

Alex's STORY

I never truly enjoyed the ‘Gym environment’ before I met Tom. Since then his different training techniques & amazing FarmFitness facility has allowed me to really enjoy it and look forward to my sessions.


On the left was me at University, I did attempt to go to the gym but always felt out of place and didn’t know what I was doing. On the right was summer this year. A lot happier, feeling fit and enjoying being active. [...]


I worked with Tom for six weeks and exceeded my goals and expectations. Having worked on several training programs I believed i could train alone and achieve the desired results. I can see now I had little to no understanding of how to develop the desired body shape and maintain it. After an in-depth assessment Tom developed a training and nutrition program that has now transformed my lifestyle and approach  to training. 

I feel more confident and active then I have for many years. My family and work life has improved as a result. An inspirational training program delivered by an exceptional individual. Thanks Tom!


Like some, I held a belief that I could achieve my goals on my own without a personal trainer, however, it wasn't until I started training with Tom, that I realised he was so much more than just a personal trainer.  

In late 2014 I had a shoulder surgery and spent the majority of the 4-5 years leading up to that avoiding anything that might damage my shoulder or cause me pain. [...]


billy's STORY

Training with Tom was very challenging, and very rewarding at the same time. My goal for the 8 week programme was to shred body fat, and in the meantime become more agile and quicker whilst trying to be promoted to the East Premier League with Saffron Walden Hockey Club. Tom was constantly pushing me to push through the mental barriers that had previously stopped me from training to my maximum potential and along with this, Tom corrected my bad habits in terms of my technique very quickly. [...]


I train with Tom three times a week and focus on strength training. I enjoy doing cardio but I'm confident enough to do that on my own. I do strength training with Tom because he pushes me out of my comfort zone. Tom has helped me to develop my strength and I love the feeling I get when I get a PB. 

He has helped me to become more confident using weights, even when I'm not training with him. Tom is very motivating and changes my sessions regularly to keep them interesting. I never leave a session disappointed.

Andy's STORY

The training  I did with Tom was great.    


He provided a programme which included lots of nutritional information which was key to my transformation and also a great training regime.

The training itself was tough but Tom pushed me during our 1 on 1 sessions and the I was extremely happy with the end result.


I began training with Tom in March 2016 as I needed the motivation to change my lifestyle – become fitter and lose weight.

I had no idea what to expect but the results I have achieved over the past 6 months have been a testament to Tom’s knowledge, expertise and patience.


He has cajoled, pushed and persuaded me to help achieve my goals. [...]

mark's STORY

The 8 week programme that Tom customised for me far surpassed my expectations. The one on one sessions pushed me well past my comfort zone and Tom kept me motivated throughout making sure I worked to my full potential.


The sessions mixed with the nutritional information he supplied gave me the best results I've ever achieved in the gym!


I met and heard about Tom through the gym I attended and the friends who used him swore by him, so I thought I would give PT a go despite never having done it before!


I absolutely love my food, eating out, dinner parties and worst of all I love a sociable alcoholic drink or three, so it has never been that easy for me to lose weight especially without much exercise.

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